Insight Use Cases

UtilyticsCX Insight offers a suite of data management and analytics use cases for Energy Retailers, Distributors, Traders and Heating Operators.


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UtilyticsCX Insight Data Collection SLA ensures real-time meter data check-ups for DSOs and District Heating Operators. UtilyticsCX Insight ensures proof of data quality via Data Collection SLA.

Data Collection SLA

Insight overviews meter data quality in real time and supports drill down to the granular level of the meter data. Insight provides automatic quality assurance analytics for fast data processing.

Data Quality Assurance

Insight gives high quality load forecasts without inefficient manual input. Insight optimizes and automatically selects the best algorithm for each load.

Load Forecasting

Tariff Planning gives an insightful advantage when considering pricing strategy and tariff adjustment. Feature rich and easy to use visuals present simulated load scenarios and tariff models to predict customer behavior and business implications. Our advanced analytics help reduce risk and increase profitability.

Tariff Planning

UtilyticsCX Insight Cash Flow Analysis combines utility and billing cycles for accurate data that converts energy to cash in Energy retail business. Insight cash flow analysis ensures a deep insight into expected cash flow in the underlying contract base.

Cash Flow Analysis

Revenue Analysis produces accurate and detailed data over and above that which is typically aggregated. This elevates contract, product and component level reporting to 15 minute intervals for Energy retail business. Reduces error in interpretation of reports and delivers accurate revenue reporting.

Revenue Analysis

Insight delivers a detailed understanding of sales margins on both aggregated and individual contract levels. Insight supports business development with intelligent analysis and increased understanding of customer profitability.

Sales Margin Analysis

Insight offers the Gartner rated visualization platform Tableau for visualizations, allowing data exploration and advanced analytics by the end users themselves, according to their specific needs.

Self Service Analysis

Insight delivers detailed understanding on which customers churn and why. Insight supports sales in taking proactive measures to keep customers that are likely to churn. UtilyticsCX Insight creates reports on behavior patterns that indicate potential churn.

Customer Churn

UtilyticsCX Insight creates analytical and automated reports of potential customer groups for Energy retail business. No more static manual business intelligence reporting. UtilyticsCX Insight creates new business opportunities and helps to develop existing businesses via Customer Diagnostics.

Customer Diagnostics

Insight enables an unrivalled understanding of customer profitability, both on aggregated and individual contract levels, with modeling spot procurement costs, hedging costs and overheads.
Insight supports business development with analysis on customer profitability at contract, tariff component and metering interval level.

Customer Profitability Analysis

UtilyticsCX Insight provides easy to embrace customer data that ensures a deeper understanding of end users for the Energy retail business. No more static reports and time consuming spreadsheets in order to seek out business trends and opportunities. UtilyticsCX Insight creates a fast competitive edge via customer segmentation.

Customer Segmentation

Meter and Energy Use Cases

Manage your energy data according to market rules and optimize operation of the automatic meter infrastructure with wide range of use cases.


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With balance control, the DSO gets an accurate picture of the balance responsibilities inside grid areas, ensuring fair treatment for all market parties. A good and close control of the balance responsibilities also enables the DSO to avoid false grid losses and reduce related operational costs.

Balance Control

Communicate all metering data-related information to and from other market participants.

Offer an abstract business process layer on top of the communication services, enabling device control in business process terms - collect and control meter information over multiple HES systems.

Communication and Device Control

Automate your meter reading collection process and report performance against SLA targets. Near real-time information on the metering point status.

Data Orchestration and SLA Compliance

Initiate, maintain and support field service activities through integration with a third party field service system. Combine work orders from multiple sources for operational efficiency.

Field Service made Easy

Smooth operation of meters over multiple Head-end systems. Enable communication with HES systems for retrieving meter data, such as meter readings and event data, and sending control messages, such as meter configuration and remote control.

Head End System Integration

DSO needs to store the metering data used for market processes, such as settlement and billing, for a relatively long period of time to answer any questions, disputes or claims that may arise regarding the meter data. Cost-efficient long term storage for smart meter data.

Long Term Series Storage

Automatic enhancement of the meter reading data quality based on information about the meter and automated processes for validating and assessing measurement data.

Market and Technical Validation

Connect contract information to measurement data and find the largest contributors to the cashflow.

Rating Calculation