Taking the Complexity out of Complex Billing

The Hansen NirvanasoftCX modular suite is designed to fulfill the needs of both regulated and deregulated markets. With Smart Grid plug-in to support smart-grid requirements and Complex Billing plug-in to support highly complex and dynamic rates structures for both C&I and residential customers.

Key Features

  • Reduce the cost of CIS implementation
  • Structure & Bill for complex energy rates
  • Quickly enter new markets with new products

NiravanasoftCX for Complex Billing

NiravanasoftCX for Complex Billing

The NirvanaSoft Complex Billing is the market leading complex rating engine that integrates with existing CIS solutions to provide advanced complex billing capabilities. This integration enables the utility to provide complex billing solutions to customers without the need for expensive and risky CIS replacement programs. 

The plug-in is MDMS and CIS agnostic, acting as an intermediary processor of the data generated by the MDMS. It then processes rate rules in dynamic pricing then pushes pre-billing data through to the CIS to perform standard functions, such as billing, collections, and accounts receivable.

Rate transactions using complex rates and tariffs. Rating can be in near-real time or deferred to bill cycle. 

Turn Your Existing CIS into a Smart Grid-Ready System

The Hansen Smart Grid Bridge is a cost-effective, low risk plug-in front end to your existing CIS that supports Smart Grid requirements without the cost and commitment of a full-scale system replacement or upgrade.

At a minimum, the Smart Grid requires consumption measurement at frequent intervals (15 minute, half –hourly) to provide utilities and customers with nearreal time pricing information. As demand response and other pricing mechanisms become mandated by PUCs, the rating of discrete interval data and billing consumers accurately will become extremely complex. 

Turn Your Existing CIS into a Smart Grid-Ready System

Complex Billing Gateway for Solar

Complex Billing Gateway for Solar

Integrate Hansen Gateway Complex Billing Engine to provide advanced complex billing solution for Solar, from high-end C&I specialists offering the most complex products to large-scale multi-market residential retailers with hundreds of thousands of customers.

Hansen Gateway Complex Billing Engine provides a seamless net billing and metering solution. Benefits include:

  • Support for SmartMeters - implement Smart Meter based rates (TOU, interruptible, demand response, nights-and-weekends free - whatever rate designs you need)
  • Net Metering - Solar and other distributed generation, storage and Electric Vehicle (EV) real-time tariffs
  • Forget Manual processes for billing and save time

NirvanasoftCX for Community Solar

Community Solar projects continues to flourish across North America, yet Community Solar Providers face unprecedented challenges. With new technological advances and regulatory policies, solar power has become competitive with traditional sources of energy and this trend is expected to continue.

To be competitive, CSSPs have to have a robust billing system that is capable of a very high degree of complexity and automation. Some of the necessary features of the billing system are:

  • Capability to handle highly complex calculations including supply and T&D credits
    Handle hundreds of complex rates with our rating engine
  • Multiple cycles of rating before the bill can be calculated - process the same set of meter read transactions multiple times
  • Rich customer hierarchy structures
  • Rich accounting structures to manage financing, regulatory and tax requirements of the community solar projects

NirvanasoftCX for Community Solar

NirvanasoftCX Complex Billing Gateway Features

Energy & Utility Insights

Part 1: In the first part of the 2 part blog series, we discuss the current challenges faced by Community Solar Service Providers including making sense to the customer.

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The traditional CIS systems, do not have the ability to handle the complexity of rating and billing smart grid-based dynamic pricing. Hansen NirvanasoftCX Complex Billing Gateway addresses these challenges and delivers features for Solar Complex Billing.

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Hansen PeaceCX and NirvanasoftCX provided functionality for Xcel Energy to automate their complex billing requirements providing a complete Enterprise Customer Billing Solution.

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