Global Energy Solutions

HansenCX Utilities offers flexibility and power. We enable utilities to better understand and communicate with their energy customers, and offer new and personalized energy services.


  • >250 Energy and Utility Customers Globally
  • Flexible and Powerful Customer Care & Billing Solutions
  • Advanced Energy Data Management & Analytics

Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

  • Global experience in regulated, transitioning and deregulated markets serving over 250 clients in the Energy sector
  • Hansen was a key solutions provider to clients in the first countries deregulating their energy markets - Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
  • Operating in the most dynamic utility markets in the world
  • A portfolio of leading Customer Information Systems supporting the full range of energy companies from complex C&I retailers, deregulated mass market retailers and networks, to integrated regulated utilities
  • CIS solutions benchmarked to process 30 million smart meters
  • A provider of leading B2B Utility Gateway products
  • Complete Energy and Meter Data Management solution



Our Expertise

Hansen has addressed many of the challenges faced by the energy and utilities industries over the last twenty years. Some of the key initiatives we have been involved in include:

  • Mergers of government-owned utilities to achieve economies of scale and reduce utility costs
  • Supporting merger processes resulting in multiple new utility types; consolidating electricity, gas, water, and waste for a single enterprise
  • Smart-city demand-response initiatives requiring smart-meter billing and near real-time pricing
  • Supporting the legal separation of retail, transmission and distribution, and metering businesses within integrated utilities
  • Improving revenue collection and reducing in bad debt from non-technical energy losses

Our Expertise

Energy Solutions

Deployed in 40 markets globally, Hansen PeaceCX is a highly-configurable end-to-end Energy CIS & CRM for fully-regulated investor-owned utilities, competitive retailers, and deregulated networks.


Complex rating engine that integrates with existing CIS solutions to provide advanced complex billing capabilities.


Hansen BannerCX enables North American utilities and municipalities to manage the full customer service and revenue lifecycle for the provision of electricity, gas, and water services.


HubCX is a powerful modular customer care and billing tool for both distribution networks and competitive utility retailers.


Hansen SolutionsCX Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) team offers first-hand experience in the retail energy market. Our Customer Care call center is located in the US.



Off-the-shelf gateway solution for Australian energy generators, traders, and retailers.


Hansen EnoroCX customer care and utility billing is built to support the common Nordic energy markets, and it supports all most common commodities including electricity, district heating and cooling, water and telecommunications (broadband).


Hansen GenerisCX is designed to manage Smart Meter data in the increasingly complex energy industry. GenerisCX platform is used by European utilities in 9 different countries, managing the data of 15 million energy customers.


The Hansen UtilyticsCX Suite is a complete Energy and Meter Data Management solution with stand-alone Analytics use-cases designed specifically for the utility business.