The battle for the customer interface

Digital challengers and datahubs are disrupting the DSO market. The DSO is the heart and pulse of the fully electrified society, and should take full advantage of the new opportunities that are presenting themselves.

In the future, distributed generation and new digital technologies will give utility customers the freedom to interact with a choice of competitive energy platforms that enable the exchange of energy, information and a range of additional services.

Utilize the consumer flexibility in the distribution network

Hansen Technologies offers solutions geared towards taking full advantage of the consumer flexibility in the distribution networks.

The European Energy Transition journey is exciting, and we look forward to working with our clients on the wonderful opportunities of the post-datahub energy market. Visit our booth during the 2019 DSO Conference ("Nettkonferansen") to find out more about how Hansen's solutions can help your company fully utilize the consumer flexibility of the distribution network.

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Nettkonferansen 2019
December 3-4, 2019. Britannia Hotel, Trondheim, Norway




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