The way your customers consume content has changed. Are you prepared?



Gone are the days when you could simply provide a service and collect the fees once a month. Today, your customers expect more. You are required to compete in a new customer-centric environment, offering new digital services, whilst having the flexibility to keep up with a market that continues to grow and redefine itself.

Trying to adapt to this changing environment, the biggest challenge is technology—where most are hindered by legacy system platforms with technical capabilities, which struggle to meet the digital demands necessary to exist in this new environment.


Are you struggling to adapt?



Meet with Giovani at Andina Link 2018 – the most important telecommunications event in the Andina region, and find out why and how your billing and customer care solution can be a critical enabler for you to meet the digital demands of this ever-changing market.




With over 20 years experience in the IT, Satellite, Broadcast, Pay-TV and telecommunications industries, Giovani is a highly skilled Senior Executive that has helped some of the largest Latin American operators satisfy the digital demands of their customers. He holds an MBA in General Management, executive education at MIT in Digital Marketing & Social Media Analytics and a degree in Marketing and Business from Kellogg University.

Event Details:
 Andina Link 2018
March 6th – 8th, 2018
Cartagena Convention Center, Cartagena, Colombia








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